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Describing this painting the artist wrote, “During the latter part of the 18th century many treaties were negotiated between whites and Native Americans, with each side agreeing to declared land boundaries specifically set therein. With the exception of Trading Houses, Indian land was off limits to hunters, settlers and land speculators. These treaties looked good on paper, but did not take into account the increasing coastal population where the desire for land led to a vast westward expansion. This resulted in a great loss of life and hardship as boundaries were violated. In time native tribes were pushed further west and those that stayed made due with a fraction of their original territories. Those assigned to smaller reservations continued to fight for land that was lost as a result of just another broken treaty.”

The Artist
[Settlers West Galleries, Tucson, AZ, 2013]
Private Collection, MT

The Great American West, Settlers West Galleries, Tucson, AZ, Nov 2013

Exhibition catalog, The Great American West (Tucson, AZ: Settlers West Galleries, 2013), pages 24-5, illustrated

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