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Label, Grand Central Art Galleries, New York, New York

As a young artist visiting Wyoming, Rungius learned much about its abundant and varied wildlife population. Still, biographers Jon Whyte and E.J. Hart mention that, “despite his success in taking a moose in Wyoming, he yet harboured a desire to become more familiar with the animal that symbolized for Europeans the spirit of the wilderness. In 1901 Carl turned his gaze northward to New Brunswick noted for its moose … Rungius focused so much attention on the animal that he feared he would become known as ‘the man who paints moose,’ yet he was occasionally called the Rembrandt of the moose. Years later in Banff he enjoyed telling a young woman who had asked him his favourite subject that it was ‘mooses in spruces!’

[Grand Central Art Galleries, New York, New York]
F. Nelson Blount, Barrington, Rhode Island, circa 1940s
Present owner, by descent, circa 1967

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