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According to Johnson biographer Harold McCracken, “Frank Tenney Johnson stayed with the roundup and rode with the working cowboys, as one of them, until the roundup of the cattle, branding of the calves and separating of the cattle was completed on July 11. Throughout it all he continued to write about practically everything that happened. It is an exceptional record. He also made sketches in addition to the large number of photographs. … Frank continued to make himself sufficiently useful to be looked upon as ‘one of the bunch.’ More important, he got an intimate insight and indoctrination into cowboy life and cattle roundups that was probably equal to that of any other artist who undertook to portray these cavaliers of the American West for the benefit of future generations.”

Herman Black (publisher of the Chicago American 1916-33)
Mrs. Black (his widow), by descent, 1935
[J. W. Young, Chicago, Illinois]
A. F. Sass, by 1943
Private Collection, Naperville, Illinois, by descent

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