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According to Cyrus Peter Francisco, author of The Man and the Mountain, Sydney Laurence’s Mt. McKinley, “Seldom have a man and a mountain become as closely identified with each other as have the mountain Mt. McKinley and the man, Sydney Laurence.…

“Looking due north, almost, the summer sun at midnight and in the early hours of the morning softly shows the mountain’s profile. This profile then is tinged with golden yellow against a sky of pale, diffused, emerald green. The morning’s light gives constantly changing effects. Along in the middle afternoon the wealth of color, shadow and subdued form achieve an unforgettable richness.

“It is this grandeur, with all its rich spiritual values, that Sydney Laurence has put so well on his canvas with the permanence of oil paints.”

Property of the Estate of William S. Block, Peoria, Illinois

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