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The March 24, 1924 issue of Outers’ Recreation will accompany the lot.

According to Larry Len Peterson, author and noted Goodwin authority, “From 1915 until 1922, Goodwin’s paintings often highlighted covers of Popular Magazine, Top Notch Magazine, Recreation, and Field and Stream. After 1920, he painted more than thirty covers for recreational magazines including Outers’ Recreation which featured Goodwin’s paintings on its covers between 1922 and 1924. In August 1924, the magazine’s name was changed to Outdoor Recreation and was absorbed by Outdoor Life several years later. Goodwin continued to illustrate for Outdoor Life until 1934.

“Set in Glacier national Park, A Hair-Breadth Escape is one of Goodwin’s finest predicament paintings. The master of sporting art suspense once again has the viewer anticipating what lies ahead.”

Larry Len Peterson, Philip R. Goodwin, America’s Sporting & Wildlife Artist (Hayden, Idaho: The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, 2001), page 220, illustrated
Outers’ Recreation (March 24, 1924), front cover, illustrated

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