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A copy of a July 2, 1945 letter from Pleissner to Eversley Childs will accompany the lot.

According to Ogden Pleissner, “Eversley Childs, everyone used to call him ‘the squire,’ was a great sportsman and art collector who saw my work at the Sporting Gallery and Bookshop in New York. He liked the paintings I had done of streams and lakes out at the C-M Ranch, and asked me if the fishing was any good out there. I said that I had never seen any better fishing, so he brought his wife out that next summer. He was an elderly man, guess he was in his seventies at the time. I used to go fishing with him when I wasn’t painting in my little studio out there. I’d be painting away and all of a sudden I’d see this head sticking through the skylight affair we had, and he’d say: ‘Do you want to come out and play with me?’ So I’d drop everything and have to quit painting and we’d go fly fishing.”

The Artist
Eversley ‘The Squire’ Childs, circa 1940s
Present owner, by descent

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