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Russell authority, Frederic G. Renner wrote, “The return of the buffalo herds in the spring of the year was an important event in the life of the tribe. More often than not, rations grew short during the long cold winters and sometimes there was even starvation if the snows were deep and game was hard to find. All this changed with the coming of spring. As soon as the scouts had located the advance guard of the returning buffalo there would be the excitement of a hunt, followed by several days of feasting by the whole tribe.”

The Artist
Edwin Olaf Holter, Helena, Montana, circa 1904
Mary Francis Holter (his daughter)
Present owner, by descent

“Some Incidents of Western Life” Scribner’s Magazine, Vol. XXX VII , No. 2 (New York, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, February 1905), page 162, illustrated
Western Life (set of four prints) (New York, New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, August 1905), Grignard chromolithograph, illustrated
Larry Len Peterson, Charles M. Russell Legacy (Helena, Montana: Falcon Publishing, Inc., 1999), page 168, illustrated
Larry Len Peterson, Charles M. Russell: Printed Rarities from Private Collections (Missoula, Montana: Mountain Press Publishing, 2008), page 72, illustrated

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