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Artist’s label with signature and title
Label, Grable’s Galleries, Oak Park, IL
Note, “Marshal Fields 1918 Wedding present from Dr. Sterbas. A wedding present to Frank & Ella Hlavacek”

Art historian, Patricia Broder wrote, “The paintings of E. Martin Hennings are glowing tapestries that celebrate the pageantry and beauty of the people and landscape of northern New Mexico. In them the land itself – the canyons, mountains, streams, and forests – suggest the color and romance of a Renaissance weaving.”

“Hennings looked upon the rivers, forests, and high desert of Taos and the people of the Pueblo and villages as an endless source of artistic inspiration, a treasure of visual pleasures. He wrote, ‘Landscape plays so important a part of my work, and subjects of sage, mountain, and sky. Nothing thrills me more, when in the fall, the aspens and cottonwoods are in color and with the sunlight playing across them – all the poetry and drama, all the moods and changes of nature are there to inspire one to greater accomplishments from year to year.’”

Private Collection, Chicago, IL

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