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Describing the history of this bronze, Russell historian Rick Stewart wrote, A Bronc Twister was “the eighth of Russell’s bronzes to be cast… Although Russell copyrighted this sculpture on July 21, 1911, as The Weaver, it seems not to have been exhibited under this title.” The original title refers to the bucking habits of a particularly exasperating type of horse. “As its back arches in the air, its front hooves strike out to the right and its back pair goes to the left. Striking the ground—usually with bone-jarring force—it will jump up again, this time putting its front hooves to the left and its back hooves to the right, weaving the hapless rider to and fro. Despite the aptness of Russell’s original title, calling the bronze Bucking Broncho or A Bronc Twister was probably more effective for describing the subject to the art public, and both titles were used.”

Erle Kistler, Denver, CO, 1940s
Present owner, by descent

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