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Signed and titled

In Tribute to the Plains People Harley Brown wrote, “Howard’s desire to draw as a daily routine began at around the age of six. It was the most natural way to express himself. As the years passed, art became a part of him, and he would include sketches when writing letters to friends or family members. Reminiscing about those days, he says certain incidents left a big impression on him. At age fourteen he recalls seeing a photo of a man sitting on a mast and he couldn’t wait to do a study of it. Another time, he walked in to a dark studio and observed a portrait of a European general. What fascinated him were the highlights of a sword in the piece. He was astonished by the brushwork that achieved such glistening refinement.

“Detailed portrayals are a major challenge for any artist. This painting flourishes with both subtle and daring daubs of paint, a technique possible only when the artist has complete control of the brush. The noticeably casual appearance of the strokes is built upon hundreds of thousands of previous strokes over many years. In art there are no short cuts.”

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