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The original version of this sculpture was given to Rungius’ hunting guide Jim Simpson, Jr. as a wedding gift. According to Dr. Karen Wonders, “Rungius had sculpted what he sketched–a trophy of his hunt, strung up in a standing position. The muscles are slack, and seasoned outfitter Simpson saw this immediately.” Rungius broke the mold and reworked it before casting the remaining five. The second version “shows the vigor of life that was missing in the first casting.”

Jon Whyte & E.J. Hart, Carl Rungius, Painter of the Western Wilderness (Vancouver, British Columbia:
The Glenbow-Alberta Institute in association with Douglas & Mcintyre, 1985), page 113, illustrated halftone
Dr. Karen Wonders, Carl Rungius: Artist and Sportsman (Chicago, Illinois: Warwich Publishing, 2001),
pages 95 and 126, example illustrated

Dr. August Schlein, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1930
Present owner, by descent

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